Impressions without frontiers

I had the opportunity to work at universities located in several countries. Here are some of the impressions that I collected in these places.

Institut Fourier, Université de Grenoble, France

I recall with pleasure the years spent at Institut Fourier during my graduate studies. The active seminars and divers graduate courses over there had a strong influence on my studies.

The city of Grenoble is surrounded by mountains, which makes hiking (in summer) and skiing (in winter) the favourite activities during the week-ends.

Institut für Mathematik, Universität Zürich-Irchel, Switzerland

The years spent at the Mathematical Institute of the University Zürich-Irchel helped me to get acquainted with the (well-known) Swiss precision. The Institute is located within the Irchel parc, and between two lectures one can relax by strolling its alleys.